To See It with My Own Eyes Instead of in a History Book


Mar’jon Wright, DCIS-Montbello

Mar'Jon Wright - ItalyWhen I went to Italy it was a very different experience from when I was at home. I was more outgoing and more open to the different country I was in. Everywhere we walked, and everything we saw, was just mind blowing to me. To just see it with my own eyes instead of in a history book.

One way that this trip impacted me is that it helped me get out of my comfort zone and try something new. The reason I say this is because at first, when I went, I was nervous because I had never been out of the state in my life. But to be there in Italy, and to see with my own eyes, was breathtaking. I actually was able to let myself go and let myself be free without feeling shy or embarrassed.

Mar'Jon Wright 2 - ItalyWhat I have taken from this trip is that I am more open to different opportunities and more open to different horizons.

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