The World is So Different and Has So Many Similarities


by Ruvi Herrera, DCIS-Montbello

Ruvi Herrera Puerto Rico 1I still remember going to Puerto Rico. I was so anxious, it was the first time leaving my family for more than 2 days, being so far away from my parents. But I was excited to go somewhere that I had never seen in my life and with people who now I’m really close to. I have to say in this trip two things that have impacted me the most is being away from my family for so long, and seeing how different it can be even if we are the same religion.

The first days without my family were really fun. I did not think a lot about them, to be honest. I called them when I was about to go to bed, but that was it. As the third day came by we went to El Yunque, a forest which was breathtaking in the view. I started reflecting upon myself how lucky I was to be there in Puerto Rico, and how my family have supported me to do my best and helped me to pay for this trip, and how stressful it was for me and my family, to not be sure if I was going to be able to pay for the trip. Honestly, it was mostly me, but they were there for me when I would cry because of how stressed out I was. My parents supported me. I was able to pay for the trip by myself and the help of you, Ruvi Herrera Puerto Rico 5of course.

I wanted my parents to be there with me, and they could see what I was seeing and experience the amazing activities we were doing, and of course eat the delicious food. Everything my parents have done for me I can never pay back, but there was one thing I knew, is that I want to become someone in my life and make my parents proud so they could feel like everything they have worked for has paid off. I want to bring them with me to Puerto Rico and see how beautiful it is, and how good the food is there, and enjoy the beach, and see all the things I did. They deserve it more than anyone else that I know.

Finally, I’m a religious person. I’m Catholic and everyone in Puerto Rico is too. I expected to see many churches with same structures, but we went to one, it was called Saint Joseph Parrish Luquillo, P.R. Once we entered the church I was so surprised. There were crosses but everything was beach theme; there were birds, palm trees. “The Altarpiece represents a great landscape of El Yunque, whose majestic crests are seen in the culmination of its work. El Yunque comes from the word Yukiyu which means protector of its people against the bad god hurricane.” Even though it was a Catholic church it took on beliefs from the Mayan culture. I was surprised. I did not know that churches could do things like that, and how even though you believe in a Catholic, you can take some of the belief and add it. It made me wonder, what in other countries do they add to their beliefs? How even, if we are all Catholics, there could be more added?

This trip was incredible, I loved it so much. It made me open up more and grow as person and be more thankful for everything I have. I want to be a successful person so I can travel and see other things such as Saint Joseph Parrish Luquillo, P.R and learn how the world is so different and has so many similarities.

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