Lesson #1: Always Be Friendly to Others


by Omar Flores, DCIS-Baker

Omar Flores Italy trip 2013 GroupLesson #1: Always be friendly to others.

Lesson #2: Always carry a dictionary especially when you are in a country where the language is not the same.

Lesson #3: If you really want something (such as a trip to another country), your effort and your commitment are the keys for what you really want.

Lesson #4: Never be afraid to dream big and make those dreams come true.

Lesson #5: When you go to another country inform yourself as much as you can about the people’s culture within that country, such as their customs/habits and what they think is offensive and not offensive.

Lesson #6: Student exchanges are much more than going to a country and meeting people, it’s going to another country in the world where they will teach you who they are, and becoming part of a very distinct family from yours. That’s what makes these exchanges amazing and unforgettable.

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