Every Part of the World is Beautiful


by Ca’la Connors, DCIS-Baker

Ca'la Connors PeruI have gained more than just a travel experience here in Peru. I’ve fallen in love with the people the country and the culture and there’s no doubt that I’ll be back to Peru someday.

I have learned what true independence and responsibility are, more than just doing my homework on time but making decisions for myself and growing from the consequences (good and bad) from all of them. I have come to realize who I truly am as a person. I no longer have the identifiers I had before when I was living in Denver (such as my group of friends my academic records my family, etc.) and I have come to realize who I am without all of those things. I have learned that every part of the world is beautiful if you look with the right eyes. I realize now how to value myself, the people, and world around me.

I have learned to speak Spanish almost fluently, I have learned Marinera, the national dance of Peru, I have explored one of the worlds 7 great wonders, and to be part of a culture in a place I’d never imagine myself being. I now have friends here and a whole life completely separate from home. Peru will always hold a truly dear place in my heart, and this experience is one I’ll never forget.

“Exchange is not just a year in life, it’s a life in a year.”

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