Coming Back As a New Person


By Kristelle Quinto, DCIS-Baker 

P1030685v2Although I may have just stayed in the U.S., I felt like I was in a whole different country.

For the beginning of my 2014 summer, I went to New York and stayed for 5 action-packed days. I went to a variety of places. It all varied from the Times Square all the way to Liberty Island. Every place my group went to is another memory for the books.

After coming home from New York, my feet were sore and I had no more energy in me to continue my daily summer activities. I laid back in my bed to remember all of the fun memories my NY group made. What really impacted me was the atmosphere around there and how I saw everything. It definitely reminded me of the Philippines. It was like I was at home, with a slight U.S. twist. Some people I’ve bumped into were very nice and helpful. It made me really think of what I thought of New York before I came. I would remember the smell of the streets after it had rained or when the sun was beating down on our Colorado heads. To this day, I miss it every minute of the day when something sparks a memory from New York.

When the group was in the bus being transported to our next destination, I would always listen to the song, “Am I wrong” by Nico & Vinz. Now every time I listen to that song, I would have a glimpse of New York with me as I walked or drove through the town. It makes me wonder if I would want to go there for college or even live there. Thank you very much for giving me the privilege to travel to New York and come back as a new person.

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