Any Dream Can Happen If You Want it To


By Yesenia Pacheco, DCIS-Montbello

P1030626The trip to Europe impacted me in many ways. I had traveled to other parts, but not so far away from home. I learned new things. For example, about how people over there live and the different types of food there is. I felt like everything was completely different than how it is here. People over there were really nice and helpful. Seeing three beautiful islands in Greece, Hydra, Ageina and Poros. Seeing historical figures in Italy like David by Michael Angelo. Finally the soccer stadium in Spain – these were some really amazing experiences. I really hope to go back some day. I am really thankful for this amazing opportunity. It is amazing what this school can do to help us. Before, I never knew I would be able to travel outside the country. This trip made me realize how anything, any dream can happen if you want it to.

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