Travel Reflections

DCIS students who receive financial support from the DCIS Foundation have shared many inspiring stories about what they learned, what they saw, who they met, and what new perspectives they gained. Here are a few things we’ve heard our students say.

10411961_337304573086697_361228617390044921_n“It took me out of my comfort zone.”

“The trip explained life in a way that I could see things from a different point of view.”

“I learned a lot about history – more than reading about it in a book.”

Sopannah Son 3“This was my first time out of Colorado.”

“This trip made me really grateful for all we have in the U.S.”

“Now I take my education more seriously.”

Oscar Mendez“Even though the world is really big, there are not that many differences in people.”

“I learned to be independent.”

“I now feel that I am prepared for what life throws at me.”

Check out our evolving collection of stories!

This Experience Changed My Life: AFRICA, by Jennifer Enriquez
The World is So Different and Has So Many Similarities: PUERTO RICO, by Ruvi Herrera
To See It with My Own Eyes Instead of in a History Book: ITALY, by Mar’jon Wright
I’m More Confident in Everything I Do: CHICAGO, Julio Campos
Immersion in a Foreign Culture: ITALY, by Daiana Barrón
One of My Goals Was to Discover Things I Wouldn’t Find in Textbooks: AFRICA, by Jocelyn Malpica
Opening the Doors to Another Journey: CHINA, by Jennifer Arreola Soria
Every Part of the World is Beautiful: PERU, by Ca’la Connors
Coming Back As a New Person: NEW YORK, by Kristelle Quinto
I Learned to Be Independent: FRANCE, by Fabiola Palomar
My First Time on a Plane: WASHINGTON D.C., by Joseph Marrujo
Motivation to Travel More: CHINA, by Yizel Martinez
I Got Close to My Host Family: FRANCE, by Lesly Delgado
Realizing the Freedom We Have: GREECE, SPAIN AND ITALY, by Stephanie Hernandez
Any Dream Can Happen If You Want it To: GREECE, SPAIN AND ITALY, by Yesenia Pacheco
Seeing Value in the Simple Life: GREECE, SPAIN AND ITALY, by Ilse Ramirez
Growing Out of My Shell: CHINA, by Sopannah Son
Lesson #1: Always Be Friendly to Others: ITALY, by Omar Flores
I Want to Work in Developing Countries: DOMINICAN REPUBLIC, by Jenna Murdock
Proof of a Compassionate World: CHINA, by Jack Virnich

Do you have a story to share? Please tell us!

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