Derek George

334 Derek George -2After a semester at an international university in Germany, Derek realized that one can sometimes learn more from the context and the experience than from the course content alone. The students were from all over the world, providing a unique additional dimension to the topics. Looking at that semester in retrospect, Derek found that it had been an invaluable and formative time in his life. As the world continues to shrink and technology expands, having a global vision, perspective and understanding is imperative for our students to compete and succeed in the years to come. This idea is at the core of Derek’s belief in taking education beyond the classroom.

Derek’s love for travel continues as he, his wife and their son continue to seek and plan new experiences to new places on a yearly basis.

As an IT professional consulting in business process management, Derek has been lucky enough to travel domestically and internationally. The volume of these wide and varied professional interactions has allowed him to consider multiple perspectives while driving toward a common goal.

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