Oct 102018

Deadline! Scholarship Applications Due Oct. 12

Thank you to all the students who attended a Travel Orientation meeting and picked up a scholarship application — it was great to see so many of you!

Scholarship applications are due Friday, October 12, 2018. Here is an application checklist to help you prepare your application and ensure you have met all the requirements.

Remember, incomplete applications will not be considered. Spell-check and proofread all your materials before submitting. We recommend putting your complete application in a sealed, clearly labeled manila envelope.

Please submit your complete application to the DCIS Foundation mailbox located in the main office.


  • First, attend a mandatory Travel Orientation meeting at your school (a.k.a. the application preparation workshop)
  • Review the eligibility requirements (see below)
  • Parent/guardian signature on application
  • Copy of current academic transcript
  • Two letters of recommendation (Cannot be from a family member. Two may be from faculty.)
  • Student and parent/guardian contact information
  • Trip details: destination, dates of travel, name of sponsoring organization, faculty or club
  • Travel budget
  • Trip preparation questions
  • Essay (“How will this trip impact you?” One page, typed, double-spaced. Please include your full name and your destination.)
  • All materials spell-checked and proofread for typos/errors

If completing your application by hand, please use pen and write legibly. Essays must be typed.

Questions? Contact us at dcisfoundation@gmail.comor visit dcisfoundation.org. Thank you!

DCIS Foundation Travel Scholarship: Eligibility Requirements

Students must:

  • Be currently enrolled at a DCIS school and have attended for at least one semester
  • Be in good standing as a DCIS student
  • Hold a minimum 2.5 GPA (if applying for a Travel Scholarship) or a minimum 3.0 (if applying for a Levin Scholarship)
  • Attend a Travel Orientation meeting
  • Submit a complete application (see “Application Checklist”), including parent signature
  • Attend an interview by the DCISF Scholarship Committee if selected

Scholarship Recipients must:

  • Use all funds granted solely for the travel described in the application
  • Fundraise/earn a minimum of 25% of total trip/travel expenses
  • Complete their travel while a student at DCIS
  • Return all DCISF funds to the Foundation if the travel does not occur or is not completed
  • Agree to prepare and present various reports/reflections following the trip per the terms of the Travel Agreement. This may include a short essay, photographs and a travel reflection presentation for students, faculty, members of the DCISF board of directors and the larger community.

Fine Print:

  • DCISF-funded trips must be supported by the school and cannot include family travel.
  • Funds must be returned to the DCISF if the travel does not occur or is not completed.
  • Students and their parents are responsible for verifying that the proposed trip qualifies for school credit, if applicable. The DCIS Foundation does not assume any responsibility for giving school credit.
  • Scholarships are provided to support participation in a travel experience and that it in no way makes the Denver Center for International Studies Foundation liable for incidents that may occur in relation to that travel.

Contact us at dcisfoundation@gmail.com with any questions. We look forward to hearing from you!

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