Dec 032018

DCIS Students Bound for UN Headquarters

Where Are Our Students Headed Next?

We received many applications for travel scholarships in our last round! We are pleased to announce that we recently awarded $17,200 to support student trips to Italy, Switzerland, Germany and Austria, Spain and Morocco, China, Rocky Mountain National Park, and of course, Canyonlands, Utah.

We also awarded $4,600 for elementary school student excursions to the Denver Aquarium, the Denver Discovery Camp, the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and an overnight at the Denver Zoo.

Read on to learn more about what some of our students will explore during their travels! Thank you to all the students who took the time to submit applications, and our sincerest gratitude to our supporters who helped make these scholarships possible.

Denver Center for International Studies students will visit the UN Headquarters

DCIS-Montbello students plan to visit UN Headquarters during a trip to Switzerland.


  • Students from DCIS-Montbello will travel to Switzerland and visit the United Nations Headquarters in Geneva. They’ll also ski the Alps — for many of them, their first time skiing! — as part of a camp through Les Elfes International. Three individual scholarships awarded for high school students. 



  • DCIS-Baker students will visit both Austria and Germany to investigate topics such as: How did Germany go from a villain during WWII to an occupied country during the Cold War to the financial savior of Europe today? Austria’s reconstruction after WWII/architecture; Austrian culture across the nation (East v. West); Immigration subculture – how immigrants have found a place in Austria. They will visit the Dachau concentration camp, Nazi rally grounds and the 1972 Olympic Park. Two individual high school scholarships and a group scholarship to support three middle school students to participate in this trip.

Spain and Morocco

  • DCIS-Baker students will explore the theme “culture does not fit in a box” in a historical and cultural context. They will explore the crossroads of culture between Morocco and Spain by studying architecture, dance, and music and through a language exchange with students in Spain. We awarded 11 individual high school scholarships and and one group scholarship for middle schoolers to support participation in this trip.


  • Students studying Chinese at DCIS-Montbello will deepen their understanding of the language, culture and philosophy while exploring China’s historic landmarks and other culturally rich regions. They will also visit a Chinese school. We awarded four individual scholarships to high school students to support this trip.

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