Dec 022018

Celebrate Colorado Gives Day on Tuesday, December 4!

Colorado Gives Day Denver Center for International Studies This Tuesday, December 4 is Colorado Gives Day. We hope you’ll give where you live and support us with a donation of $5, $20 or even $100.

This 24-hour movement is a chance to increase the value of your donation, thanks to the $1 Million Incentive Fund. This fund increases the value of every dollar donated proportionally. For example, if we receive 10% of the total donations made on Colorado Gives Day, we will receive 10% of the $1 Million Incentive Fund.

To donate to us on Colorado Gives Day, go to Or, beginning November 1, schedule your donation early! Student travel to China DCIS Foundation

Every dollar you donate helps deserving students broaden their horizons and enhances global understanding.

Thank you for your generosity and support of the DCIS Foundation.

Colorado Gives Day is powered by, a year-round website featuring more than 2,300 nonprofits. The site encourages charitable giving by providing comprehensive, objective and up-to-date information about Colorado nonprofits. It is an easy way to support us online. 

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