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Ca’la Connors, DCIS-Baker, in Peru.

WELCOME! Scholarship Applications are open from Thursday, October 3, 2019 @ 7am until midnight (MST) on Monday, October 14, 2019. Moving the application process online will allow for more student flexibility, better school travel coordinator guidance, and the ability for students to share information with their parent(s) or guardian(s) more easily.

Are you ready? The orientation slides at the start of each application form gives you a list of documents to have ready (PDFs). Please review that carefully so it goes smoothly.

Individual Travel Scholarships



Group Travel Scholarships


Elementary Trip Grants



Ready to explore the world? Students of all the DCIS schools—kindergarten through 12thgrade—are eligible to apply for scholarships from the DCIS Foundation. From local and international trips to cultural exchanges and much more, the world is your oyster! We are here to support your study abroad and cultural exploration. Read on to learn about our requirements and how to apply for funding. Click here to learn about past trips and the programs we support.

The Levin Scholarship Fund

This scholarship fund is specifically for students who wish to study abroad for a semester or longer. Some longer summer programs may also qualify. For example, CIEE offers language courses and immersion programs in multiple countries, and ASSE offers summer immersion homestays. Contact us to find out more. Students who previously received a General Scholarship ARE allowed to apply for a Levin Scholarship.

DCIS Foundation Travel Scholarship Fund

  • Elementary school scholarships are available to fund the costs of field trips, overnight excursions, travel and cultural experiences for students at the DCIS elementary schools. Teachers and sponsors may apply on behalf of their students.
  • Group travel scholarships are awarded to middle school and high school students participating in class trips, and who are traveling as a group with a teacher or staff chaperone. Students applying for this scholarship will apply together and a lump sump will be awarded to the group.
  • Individual scholarships are awarded to high school students participating in trips whose cost exceeds $1,000 per student. Trips within the United States and abroad are eligible. Students apply individually (see “How to Apply” below) and scholarships are awarded to individual students.

How to Apply

Teachers/sponsors applying on behalf of an elementary school group should contact their ISSN coordinator. To apply, you’ll provide:

  • Details about the proposed excursion or trip, including date, location, number of students participating and total cost
  • A detailed trip budget

Levin, group travel and individual scholarship applicants: first, join us at a scholarship orientation session, which is held in the fall and spring at each school. Attendance at this orientation is a required part of the application process. Parents are welcome to join their students at this session as well. There, you will receive a scholarship application.

There are different applications for group and individual travel, but in general your application will include:

  • Details about you and your proposed excursion or trip, including date and location, length of stay, community service or homestay details (if applicable) and total trip cost.
  • A trip budget
  • A copy of the student’s transcript
  • Letters of recommendation
  • A scholarship essay (essay question will be provided)

Other Requirements

  • Fundraising. We believe it is important for students to show they are invested in their travels. Therefore, the DCIS Foundation DOES NOT grant scholarships for 100% of trip costs. Scholarship recipients are responsible for fundraising a portion of the total trip cost. In the past, students have worked summer jobs, sold food and baked goods, or researched and applied for additional grant money to cover this portion of their trip cost. Be creative!
  • In-person interview. If your application passes the first round, we’ll invite you for an in-person interview (at school) with members of our Scholarship Committee. This typically lasts about 20 minutes.
  • Follow-up presentation and personal reflection essay. Students who receive a Levin, group or individual scholarship are asked to give a public presentation about their trip upon their return. This step is required and happens at a fun evening with other scholarship recipients, friends, family, and community members. You can see photos of past presentations on the DCIS Foundation Facebook page.
  • These requirements are for Levin, individual and group travel recipients. They do not apply to elementary school scholarship recipients.


  • Students must be currently enrolled at a DCIS school (at the time of the trip)
  • A 2.5 minimum GPA (Levin Scholarships require a minumum 3.0 GPA)
  • Trips must be for educatioal purposes, supported by the school, and cannot include family travel.
  • Note: Students and their parents are responsible for verifying that the proposed trip qualifies for school credit, if applicable. The DCIS Foundation does not assume any responsibility for giving school credit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Will the scholarship pay for the entire cost of my trip?

A: No. Students are responsible for fundraising a portion of the trip. This can be done in a number of creative ways, including working a job, holding a bake sale or other fundraiser, or applying for additional grants from other organizations.

Q: How much is typically awarded?

A: Scholarship amounts vary depending on the number of qualified applicants, the foundation’s budget and the value of the trip (i.e. whether it includes service, homestay, etc.).

Q: What types of trips have received scholarships?

A: We financially support a variety of organized programs in many different geographic locations and settings – in Colorado, across the United States and internationally. These have included overnight field trips, exchanges and youth summits. We fund trips that include curriculum-related learning, language immersion programs, community service and/or a homestay. Read more about student travel reflections .

Q: If I get a grant from another organization, does that disqualify me from receiving a DCIS Foundation grant?

A: No. In fact, we strongly encourage you to apply for additional funding. For example, in the past students combined a DCIS Foundation scholarship with a Rotary International scholarship to participate in a Rotary Exchange.

Q: If I get a DCIS Foundation grant for the Canyonlands trip (or other group trip in middle school), does it disqualify me from getting a grant for another trip?

A: No. Although students are only allowed to receive one individual scholarship, a group trip is considered a grade-level trip that qualifies for a group scholarship, not an individual scholarship.

Q: Does every student who applies receive a scholarship?

A: The DCIS Foundation wants to support all qualified applicants. The number of scholarships awarded depends on the number of qualified applicants and the foundation’s budget. Incomplete applications or those that do not the meet eligibility requirements will be declined.

Q: How do I find a trip?

A: There are many opportunities for travel that are offered by the DCIS schools. Talk to your teachers and fellow students! There are also outside organizations that offer valuable travel experiences. Some of the organizations that students have traveled with in the past include: CIEE, Blue Star of Hope, Walking Tree, Meet the Middle East, Youth in Action and Rotary International. Students are encouraged to investigate outside opportunities that meet their goals.

Q: Can I receive scholarship funding for a trip in Colorado/in the US?

A: Yes! Students have participated in trips such as Canyonlands, Chicago and Washington D.C.

Q: When are applications due? When will I find out if my application is approved?

A: There is a fall and a spring granting cycle. Application deadlines and approval times vary, so we encourage you to plan ahead as much as possible and attend an orientation session for the latest info.

Q: If I am awarded a scholarship, how will I receive the money?

A: A check will be written to the organization or person indicated on your acceptance paperwork. You will be required to sign a Travel Agreement beforehand.

Q: What if my parents have questions?

A: Join us at the orientation session. Parents can also contact Para español, contáctenos por email,

Q: If I was approved for a scholarship but didn’t use it, will I be eligible to apply again?

A: Yes. Keep in mind, however, that you will have to go through the entire application process again.

Q: If I received a DCIS Travel scholarship, can I still apply for a Levin scholarship?

A: Yes! If you loved your first trip and want to participate in a semester or longer program, you’re encouraged to apply for a Levin scholarship.

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