Ca'la Connors PeruThe DCIS Foundation grants scholarships to students of all DCIS schools to fulfill its mission of taking global education beyond the classroom. Scholarships have been awarded to fund local and international trips, cultural exchanges, cultural programs in the schools, and much more.

Scholarship applications are available at the scholarship orientations held in the fall and spring at each school. Attendance at orientation is required in order to be eligible for a scholarship. Other eligibility requirements include a minimum GPA, minimum fundraising, references, essays, and an interview with the scholarship committee.

View the News and Events page for info about upcoming application deadlines and requirements.

Frequently Asked Questions: DCIS Foundation Scholarships

Q: What is the average grant amount typically given?

A: The grants range in value, since they depend on the number of qualified applicants, the foundation’s budget and the value of the trip.

Q: Does every student who applies receive a scholarship?

A: The DCIS Foundation wants to support all qualified applicants. However, unqualified students, incomplete applications and certain types of travel will result in an application being declined.

Q: If I get a grant from another organization, does that disqualify me from receiving a DCIS Foundation grant?

A: No. In fact, we encourage you to apply for additional funding.

Q: If I get a DCIS Foundation grant for the Canyonlands trip, does it disqualify me from getting a grant for another trip?

A: No. Although students are only allowed to receive one individual scholarship, the Canyonlands trip is considered a grade-level trip that qualifies for a group scholarship, not an individual scholarship.

Q: If I was approved for a scholarship but didn’t use it, will I be eligible to apply again?

A: Yes. However, you will have to go through the entire application process again.

For more information, please contact the foundation.

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