Programs We Support

The DCIS Foundation financially supports student cultural experiences in many different geographic locations and settings – in Colorado, across the United States and internationally. Because DCIS students span the ages of about 5 to 18 (ECE through 12th grade), we financially support a variety of organized programs.

Colorado and U.S. Experiences

We provide funding that makes it possible for students to participate in field trips and educational programs both in-state and throughout the country. These experiences create a foundation of cultural knowledge that will shape their global understanding today and in the future.

International Experiences

We provide funding that enables students to experience international travel and cultural activities that enhance and deepen global understanding. These opportunities vary and include:

Homestays: Many travel programs offer homestay options in which DCIS students live with local families in other countries. Living situations in homestay programs range from short-term arrangements to complete family immersion – offering the myriad benefits of language exposure, cross-cultural exchange and friendship-building in a family setting.

Service Learning: Trips that include a service learning component offer students the opportunity to work with local people on community projects. Students build relationships, learn problem-solving skills, and enrich their understanding of a range of social, economic and environmental issues. Often, these trips inspire students to continue helping others, even after they’ve returned home.

Language exposure/immersion: DCIS students study a minimum of one of seven languages offered in school. To help them build upon and reinforce their language development – or perhaps expose them to a new language they aren’t actively studying – the DCIS Foundation supports programs that offer intensive studies. These programs help students boost their language skills and fluency with the help of native speakers.

Exchange programs: Exchange programs offer students the opportunity to explore the world in depth. With trips ranging from two weeks to one year in duration, students gain a deeper, more complete understanding of their host country’s culture, customs and daily life. By engaging in life abroad, students advance their communication skills, build confidence, gain a sense of independence and increase awareness – and they return home inspired.

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