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IMG_3323The Denver Center for International Studies Foundation creates a world of opportunity for students by taking them out into it. We enable ECE through 12th grade students in four Denver Public Schools to take their knowledge from the classroom and apply it to real-life – through travel, language immersion, community service and cultural exchanges.

These experiences transform students into confident, informed and compassionate individuals, enhancing their own self-image and their image of the world. These opportunities also help students develop into globally competent people who are leaders and problem-solvers and take action in their communities.

For many students, these journeys are their first time out of the country, or even out of their own neighborhood. When they get out into the broader world, they are able to absorb what they learned in the classroom much more meaningfully. Read the inspiring stories our young travelers have shared!

Fun Facts*

Our foundation has awarded more than $332,000 to DCIS students for travel and cultural experiences since we were founded in 1993. This year our goal is to raise $160,000 to support travel scholarships and cultural excursions.

In the 2016-2017 school year, the DCIS Foundation awarded over $52,000 in scholarships to students from ECE through 12th grade across the four DCIS campuses.

High schoolers have traveled to places all over the world – from Western and Eastern Europe, Asia and South America, to the Far East and Africa. Middle schoolers have traveled to other states or countries including Washington DC, Costa Rica and China. Elementary school students have taken excursions to the Colorado History Museum, the Grant Humphries Mansion and Rocky Mountain National Park, among other historical and cultural sites.

Major goals of the board are to broaden the number of students having cross-cultural experiences, and to increase the number of applications we receive. Contributions from our supporters enable us to achieve our goals!

*Current as of March 2017

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The dream of opening opportunities to students who might not otherwise travel is part of the DCIS magic We never fully appreciate the impact it has on their lives. I heard from a student tonight on Facebook about how her travel experiences at DCIS and in college were what kept her going and showed her what was possible in spite of other frustrations.
— Heidi Hursh, outstanding DCIS teacher who recently retired after 23 years

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